Photo Booth

Why not add a little entertainment to your event. Having a party, wedding or corporate event? Why not hire a photo booth to keep your guests entertained with hours of fun!

Travel is free for the Lincolnshire and surrounding area. Events that are further afield may include travel costs. Please get in contact to let us know your specific location.

You will have a range of props that you can choose from. One person is handed a remote control and clicks it to take a photo. That photo then shows up on the screen in front of you. You can then take as many photos as you want, each time showing up in front of you. As you exit the booth you will be given a business card with the web address to find your photos! You can also get a print if you like.


What You get

Hire of the photo booth along with an attendant to run it. You don’t have to worry about any set up, dismantling or running the booth at your event, it is all done for you.

Free photo personalisation. If you want to have your name, logo or message on the photos this can be added free of charge.

Free Facebook and website album.

A range of props including: Hats, masks, signs, glasses, chalk boards and more!

Optional photo printing for your guests


2 HOURS £200

3 HOURS £250

4 HOURS £300

Additional hours charged at £60 per hour.

Optional Extras

Your photo booth experience can be customised to fit your needs!

We can provide extra props to fit the theme of your party, event or wedding.

The printed vinyl banner wall next to the entrance of the booth can be customised to fit your needs. If you have a certain colour scheme you would like us to match or would like the vinyl customised with your logo or a certain message we can do this at a small added cost.

We can offer prints on the night at either a pre paid cost or cost per unit to your guests.

Your images on screen throughout the night.







How much do you charge for travel?

Travel is free for the Lincolnshire and surrounding area. Events that are further afield may include travel costs. Please get in contact to let us know your specific location.

What size is the photo booth?

The booth is an open style set up so can fit into smaller or larger spaces. A flat, even, solid floor is required for the booth to sit on. The booth should ideally be placed against a wall as it requirs power from a socket. The closer to a socket, the better, but an extension lead can be used if it is suitable and safe to do so. A table set up next to the booth is preferred but not vital. The booth requires approximately 2.5 meters of head room to fit the backdrop in but this can be set up shorter than this. If you are unsure please send us the size of your space available and we will let you know if it will fit!

Why is this booth so much cheaper than others I have seen?

We charge you for what you get, often photo booth operators will offer unlimited printing and increase the price so high that you will never use the amount of prints you are paying for. We offer a basic package with hourly rates and you get exactly what you pay for. If you want to add a little extra here or there we charge you for the cost that is incurred not an inflated price! You still get the best service and quality photos for your money!

Do you stay with the photo booth all night?

Yes! There will be a minimum of 1 member of staff supervising the booth at all times to make sure everything runs smoothly.

How long does it take to set up?

It takes around 30 minutes for full set up. This time is not charged and does not come out of your paid for hours. If you booth has to be set up a while before your event starts, there may be a small waiting fee.

How much deposit do I need to pay?

A £50 deposit is taken to secure the booking date. The remaining fee must be paid for in full a week before the event unless previously organised. If you need to set up  a payment plan please get in contact.

Where do we find our photos after the event?

Your images are all uploaded onto and the Dan Spratt Photography Facebook page for your guests to share, like and tag themselves in.

What camera does the booth use?

The photo booth uses a Canon EOS 7D to provide you with the best quality images.

Where should I put the booth in the venue?

It is best to put the photo booth somewhere where is can be seen for people to use. You don’t want it hidden away and guests to not know it’s there. If it is a multi room venue try to place it in the most suitable location for your guest. Try to think of where guests will be at certain times to make sure it gets the best possible use. If the space available only allows undesirable positioning, then we can print direction signs to guide people to the booth.